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Ilias Ism
By Ilias Ism
Co-founder at MagicSpace SEO- 18 January, 2024

Hi! We're MagicSpace SEO, the best SEO agency in Switzerland in . GradientPage is our work of art and we're proud to share it with you. In our work with AI chat apps like MagicBuddy and AI girlfriends, we've found that gradient wallpapers are the best way to make your app look good. We've created a collection of 90 gradient wallpapers for you to use in your app, iPhone or Mac.

Why Gradient Wallpapers?

Gradient wallpapers are used by Apple to make their popular devices beautiful. They used them as backgrounds for their websites, as wallpapers on a Mac, iPhone or iPad. They even use them in their CSS text gradients across their websites. As a fan of Apple's design, we wanted to create a collection of gradient wallpapers that would be beautiful on any device.

How did you make these gradient wallpapers?

Our high-resolution (often 5k retina or 8k if upscaled) gradient wallpapers are made using AI. **That's right!** We fully generated our gradient wallpapers with artificial intelligence and neural networks. Sounds crazy? Generative AI has come far. You now even have text to video AI generators that can create videos from text or a tweet to video AI that can create videos from tweets. We used an AI image generator to do the work. A better use than AI girlfriends, right?

Do you have free tools?

Yes, check out our free tools for content creators here:

What's next?

For now, we're offering out 90 gradient wallpapers for just $5. But you can also get some free iPhone wallpapers to try out. For our content creators out there, we have a list of CSS UI gradients or HEX codes for you to use in your projects.

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