Download our 20 most beautiful colorful gradients backgrounds for iPhone

Growing up, I remember my classes in graphic design, the joy of playing with two color shades to create a new hue and figuring out how yellow and blue, make green! Magical! Today, a lot of my work is done with AI, but I still love to play with colors. And that's why I created these gradient wallpapers for iPhone.

Tropical Sunset gradient wallpaper for iPhone
Aqua Bliss gradient wallpaper for iPhone
Mint Freshness gradient wallpaper for iPhone
Sunrise Dreams gradient wallpaper for iPhone
Berry Delight gradient wallpaper for iPhone
Gradient Wallpaper 6 for iPhone
Gradient Wallpaper 7 for iPhone
Gradient Wallpaper 8 for iPhone
Gradient Wallpaper 9 for iPhone
Gradient Wallpaper 10 for iPhone
Gradient Wallpaper 11 for iPhone
Gradient Wallpaper 12 for iPhone
Gradient Wallpaper 13 for iPhone
Gradient Wallpaper 14 for iPhone
Gradient Wallpaper 15 for iPhone
Gradient Wallpaper 16 for iPhone
Gradient Wallpaper 17 for iPhone
Gradient Wallpaper 18 for iPhone
Gradient Wallpaper 19 for iPhone
Gradient Wallpaper 20 for iPhone

Make Gradient Wallpapers with Midjourney AI

This morning I was starting at my iPhone 14 Pro, bored with my current lock screen. I wanted a new wallpaper. Something fresh, something that would make me smile every time I unlocked my phone. It wasn't easy to find, a lot of wallpapers online aren't that great. That's when I thought, why not create my own gradient background? And so I did.

But how did I create these aesthetic wallpapers? Well, the best part is, I used Midjourney, an AI tool. With its help, I designed gradient iPhone wallpapers in various color palettes. It's truly amazing what AI can do these days. It made crafting these stunning gradients feel like a breeze.

Now, having a pretty gradient is one thing, but ensuring it looks crisp and clear on our iPhone screen is another. That’s where AI upscaling comes into play. With this technique, the wallpapers are boosted to a high resolution, and upscaled to 2x, then cropped. For a super crisp result.

Read the full story on how I created these gradient wallpapers for iPhone with AI in my tweet thread below.

How to Create Gradient Wallpapers for iPhone

I crafted many designs, but only the best gradient wallpapers made the cut. How did I choose? I focused on the colors, making sure they blend well, and looked great on OLED screens, which many phones use. I also made sure each wallpaper pack had a mix of calm and vibrant shades to match your every mood.

You then remix, remix, remix until you get the perfect result!

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Download Your Favorite Gradient Wallpapers

Just remember, while the wallpapers are free, we have premium packs too. These packs have more gradient wallpapers, and they're available for a small fee. So if you're looking for more gradient wallpapers, check out our premium packs.

Or get the blue gradient wallpapers for your iPhone or Android phone. It's a free download! But we will release new gradient wallpapers with new colors soon!

In conclusion, switching up your lock screen or finding a new wallpaper can be a small joy, but it's often the little things that bring the most happiness. I hope these gradient backgrounds light up your days as they have mine.

Premium Gradient Wallpapers

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